National Hero of Moldova Republic survivor of Nazi Hitler-s extermination camp


National Hero war veteran of USSR allied army Ion Popușoi from Cimislia Albina village- REPUBLIC OF MOLDAVIA fought for Stalin in USSR allied army against Nazi Germany and against Hitler in Poland. He was captured by Nazi Wehrmacht and deported to nazi extermination camps. He went to Mauthausen, the biggest extermination camp in Europe of Nazi Germany. He was forced to work as a prisoner of war, he was starved to death, he receive daily just a small piece of bred and  a glass of water, and forced to work 15 hours/ per day. He was eliberated by American Army in Austria in 1945, and he went back home in USSR- Moldova RSSM region. He worked at Odessa harbour and after moved to his native village in Cimislia. He did not receive any compensations from Germany for his suffer and traum against nazis. This is unacceptable!

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